Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

There is an online application available. Along with a digital application, each school will need to provide a one time $200 application fee.

When is the application deadline?

Digital applications are due by 5pm on Friday, February 8, 2013.

When must our show be presented in order to enter The Bobby G Awards?

Entered productions must be presented between Thursday, February 14, 2013 and Sunday, May 5, 2013.

If your show falls outside of those dates, please email David Cates, Program Manager, explaining your situation. Exceptions will be provided on a case-by-case basis and all decisions are final.

Can we still enter if we do not yet know our performance dates or which show we are doing?

Yes. List the performance dates and/or show title as "TBA" on the application. Update The Bobby G Award staff as soon as you have this information confirmed. Do not delay in sending the application.

How many schools are accepted into the program?

For the 2013 program, we will accept a maximum of 25 schools.

How will we know if our application was accepted?

Once digital applications have been reviewed and determined to be complete, The Bobby G Awards will email within 72 hours to notify you that you have been accepted pending receipt of your $200 application fee.

What if we don't receive a confirmation email?

Please call us if you do not received a confirmation within 72 hours at 720.515.2624.

We have to double cast our show. Can we still participate?

Yes, but you must choose only one cast, the Designated Cast, to represent your school. That cast should appear in at least two separate performances.

Will Denver Center Attractions accept a school purchase order for an application fee?

Yes, provided the forms arrive at Denver Center Attractions within ten business days of the application being accepted.

We are unable to provide payment online. Can we mail a check?

Yes, provided the check arrives at Denver Center Attractions within ten business days of the application being accepted.

Atten: The Bobby G Awards
Denver Center Attractions
1101 13th Street
Denver, CO 80204

Do we need to travel anywhere to have our show adjudicated?

No. The Bobby G Awards send our Adjudicators to attend one of your performances at your venue.

When will The Bobby G Awards contact us to reserve tickets for the Adjudicators?

The Program Manager of The Bobby G Awards will contact your designated representative by email at least seven days prior to your first show to reserve tickets for the adjudicators assigned to your school. You will be contacted by phone only if an email address is not provided. We prefer to email the information so that both parties have a written record of the reservation.

How many Adjudicators do you send to the see our show?

We will send four Adjudicators to each school.

How many tickets should I be holding until I receive specific reservations from The Bobby G Awards Program Manager?

We will ask for a maximum of eight tickets over the course of your entire run. To be conservative, hold eight per performance, but if that is not feasible, holding four tickets per performance should be sufficient because we will rarely send more than two Adjudicators (and their guests) to the same performance. When possible, we strive to send Adjudicators to various performances throughout the run of your show (schedules permitting).

But our shows sell out quickly. What should we do?

Hold Bobby G awards tickets as described above.

Where do we seat the Adjudicators?

Seating should be in pairs of two per reservation (for the Adjudicator and his/her guest); however seating locations are at the sole discretion of the participating school. Adjudicators are not required to be seated together should more than one attend the same performance. If your school has general admission seating and you choose to hold seats for the Adjudicators (not required), please note that roping off a section by placing signs saying "Bobby G Award Adjudicators" on the seats is strongly discouraged. We strongly recommend that participating schools allow the Adjudicators to attend performances anonymously, so that they can fairly evaluate the production without lobbying from cast members' families and friends.

What do we do if it seems that all or a portion of a reservation was not picked up as The Bobby G Awards indicated they would be?

Although we offer our Adjudicators a small stipend, they are essentially dedicated volunteers with other family, work, and theatrical commitments. On occasion they may be suddenly unable to attend a scheduled show for valid reasons. They are trained to keep us informed of any delays or problems they may experience in fulfilling their commitment to The Bobby G Awards program.

If we get the news beforehand that an Adjudicator cannot make a scheduled show, we will attempt to contact the school representative to make other arrangements including scheduling another performance for the Adjudicator or making reservations for an alternate Adjudicator. If the situation requires, we will attempt to send an alternate Adjudicator and ask that person to buy tickets, which will be reimbursed by The Bobby G Awards.

It may be possible that an Adjudicator did indeed attend the show without bringing a guest, thus picking up only one ticket of the held pair. Adjudicators are trained to inform the box office upon arrival if any unused tickets may be released for sale; however in the frenzy of the moment they may have neglected to do so.

Please leave a message for Program Manager David Cates at 720.515.2624 if you are unsure that an Adjudicator attended the show. Mr. Cates checks his messages regularly over the weekends during The Bobby G Awards Season. Please indicate in your message if one or two tickets remain unclaimed. Mr. Cates will contact the assigned Adjudicator and confirm if they did in fact attend. He will then report back to the school as soon as possible and make new arrangements if necessary.

What if not all of the judges are able to attend any performance?

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, only three of the four assigned Adjudicators are able to attend and an alternate is unavailable or no performances remain, The Bobby G Awards staff will average the scores received from the remaining three Adjudicators assigned to that production.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, more than two or more Adjudicators fail to attend an assigned performance and alternates are unavailable or no performances remain, rendering a fair assessment of the production impossible, the school will regrettably be withdrawn from the competition and the application fee will be refunded in full.

How do the Adjudicators evaluate the show?

While all of our Adjudicators are working experienced theatre artists with professional standards, each one is required to attend a training session to familiarize themselves with our evaluation criteria and standards. Adjudicators use a form called the Performance Response Form to assess your production. In this form, Adjudicators provide detailed, insightful comments on the various aspects of your production's high points, as well as identifying areas for improvement. This form is quite extensive and asks for responses to different aspects of individual performances, each technical and design elements, and overall production merits. They are also asked to submit a separate sheet with a numerical score for elements of the production that meet certain criteria for excellence in performance and production categories. Categories are listed in the Rules and Guidelines document. A copy of a blank Performance Response Form with rubric used by Adjudicators will be sent to you during the week of February 11, 2013 along with a list of participating schools.

How does a school receive a final nomination in consideration for an award?

We will first examine the numerical scores from all four Adjudicators who see your school's production. After examining these scores, The Bobby G Awards staff will review the Adjudicator's written comments, along with the support material submitted by the schools themselves. Nominations will be formed based on all of these materials. All decisions by The Bobby G Awards office are final.

When will we know if we've been nominated?

A list of final nominations will be posted on The Bobby G Awards' website, on May 10, 2013. The list also will be emailed to all of the participating schools.

When will our feedback arrive?

The Bobby G Awards strive to send copies of the Adjudicators' detailed comments as soon as possible following your show. Forms are emailed on a rolling basis. Please note some factors when considering the timeliness of your school's report:

  • Adjudicators have seven days to submit their Performance Response Forms following a show.
  • Comments cannot be sent until all Adjudicators in attendance have submitted their reports.
  • A vast majority of participating schools hold their musical in March. Because of the sheer volume of schools producing during that month, schools producing in March should expect a delay of at least one month. Our small staff continually strives to minimize the backlog of comments in March as we process several reports submitted by Adjudicators in that month.

Is it possible that our school's feedback will arrive after the final nominations are announced?

Yes, it is possible since the data from Adjudicators has been collected and stored in our database before the forms are mailed to the schools.

Will our support material (video, photos, posters, programs) be returned to us?


Who is Bobby G?

Robert Simpson Garner was born October 29, 1931 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the older brother to sisters Carol and Diane. His was a traditional upbringing with the exception of the travel that comes with a father in the military. As it does for many, the Spirit of the West appealed to Bob; even after a starry-eyed brief move to New York City, he returned to Colorado.

When offered the chance to be the Denver producer on the musical, Fiorello in 1961, he was stunned and thrilled at its success. Presenting live entertainment, particularly musical theater, became both his vocation and avocation.

Bob was a pioneer in Broadway touring, urging New York producers to take their shows on the road; he was instrumental in the first national tour of Les Misérables. Opening nights were like Christmas for him — the curtain rising, the best gift imaginable.

The Broadway presenting division of The Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) was formed when Bob Garner joined Robert Garner Attractions with the DCPA in 1979.

Bob paved the way for Broadway Theatre in Denver. Now, Denver Center Attractions presents the finest touring productions at The Buell Theatre and the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Since 1979, Robert Garner (1979-1991) and Randy Weeks (1992-present) have entertained Denver audiences with more than 475 Broadway hits, six national touring premieres such as The Book of Mormon and the debut of The Little Mermaid.

What is the National High School Musical Theatre Awards program?

The National High School Musical Theater Awards impacts more than 50,000 students annually who participate in high school musical theater competitions sponsored by top professional theatres throughout the US. A Best Actress and Best Actor winner from each of these competitions is sent to New York for a weeklong theater intensive of coaching and rehearsals with industry professionals in preparation for a onenight-only showcase at The Jimmy™ Awards on Broadway, where a panel of judges crowns the nation's top performers. Since its inception in 2009, the program has been the catalyst for nearly $600,000 in university and conservatory scholarships awarded to its participants. In 2012, the program inspired preeminent broadcaster WGBH Boston to produce a 3-part documentary series called "Broadway or Bust," which follows students on a journey from their hometown competitions to their debut on Broadway. The series remains popular viewing at The fifth annual National High School Musical Theater Awards will take place Wednesday, June 26, through Tuesday, July 2, 2013 in New York City. The Jimmy™ Awards will be held on Monday, July 1, 2013, at the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway. For more information, please visit

How do I become an Adjudicator for the program?

Interested individuals should email a short cover letter, resume and writing sample (critical review of a musical) as an MS Word attachment to David Cates, Program Manager. Interviews will take place on a rolling basis.

I'm a member of the media interested in covering this who can I contact?

All media inquiries should be emailed to Heidi Bosk, PR & Promotions Manager.

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