Our Brightly Lit Stage. Your Light Bulb Moment

Join us for a season of one-of-a-kind, world-class live performances at the Denver Center Theatre Company. Season membership is the only way to save up to 30% off single ticket prices.

 Package  Full Price
 4 Payments
(w $10 fee)
 8 Payments
(w $10 fee)
Preview A-pricing $295 $76.25 $38.12
Preview B-pricing
$238 $62
Regular Run A-pricing
$86 $43
Regular Run B-pricing $278
$72 $36

Package prices are for seven (7) productions and include handling fee and City seat tax.
Some restrictions apply. Please contact the box office at 303.893.4100 for more information.

*Preview performances are prior to opening night; the production is still a work in progress and not yet finalized. Although unlikely, should the need arise, preview performances can be stopped at any time to address production issues.

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*A Christmas Carol is an added attraction. Not available in regular membership package.