Movement Workshop: Solo Movement Project

Join Master Teacher Charlie Oates in the first and second of three workshops to develop your own Solo Movement Project. In this phase, you will work with the instructor to learn how to find physical language and your story so you can begin building your personal Solo Movement piece. In phase one, class time will introduce movement forms and concepts to utilize verbal and non-verbal techniques, as well as identifying a specific focus for your piece. Phase two will be spent further developing your piece, and in Phase three (winter 2020), you will more fully realize and perform your work. Seize this terrific opportunity to build your own Solo Movement piece, to share and utilize as an artist.

Prerequisites: Scene Study I & Voice and Speech or The Art of Movement: Low Flying Trapeze, or instructor approval. Please inquire at

2 sessions • $130 • 3 hr class time
Wed & Thu • Aug 28 & 29• 6:30 – 9:30pm • Charlie Oates

(must have completed Phase I in the summer or fall session)
3 sessions • $195 • 3 hr class time
Tue & Thu • Sep 3 & 5 • 6:30 – 9:30pm & Sat • Sep 7 • 1 – 4pm • Charlie Oates

Movement Workshop