Voice and Speech: Working with Rasa Spaces – Breath, Body, Character

Breath is a vital component for an actor to be able to connect with their voice, with an audience and with themselves. It can be a daunting connection for some people to make, but with the help of Rasaboxes ™ fundamentals that focus on the presence of breath in your work, you can cultivate that essential connection between breathing, power and truthful communication. Actors looking for another tool to approach a text or devise a new piece will enjoy these eye-opening and visceral exercises that will help you understand and experience a new level of your expression.

Prerequisites: Voice & Speech for the Actor or instructor approval. Please inquire at education@dcpa.org.

2 sessions • $120 • 3 hr class time
Sat • Oct 12 & 19 • 1 – 4pm • Tamara Meneghini-Stalker

Summer 2019 Master Class