By Sarah Ruhl

Directed by Gabriella Cavallero

Sarah Ruhl is one of our most gifted voices as a playwright in contemporary theatre. In this play, we discover a man who has died while sitting at a table in a café, and his cell phone will not stop ringing. Jean, a woman at the next table, picks up the cell phone and ends up putting herself in the middle of his life and troubles, involving multiple people and personalities, including a man she ends up falling in love with. As one critic noted, you enter into “Ruhl’s world of ordinary people living extraordinary lives and small coincidences opening into quirky metaphysical conundrums.” The journey is fascinating and so innately human, in Ruhl’s unique form.

Master Class Performances:

Thu, Dec 5 – Sat, Dec 7, 7pm


By Sam Shepard

Directed by Timothy McCracken

Dive into the world of Sam Shepard with his Pulitzer Prize winning play, Buried Child. Shepard exceeds in seeking the underbellies of family relations, where secrets are kept and revealed, and lives are impacted to the core of humanity. Set in a rural area of Illinois, the drama centers around three generations of a family who are forced to face their history when Vince arrives at the home of his grandparents with his girlfriend Shelly. New revelations occur, as well as a changing of the guard in ownership of the land and home that spark an intense family drama.

Master Class Performances:

Thu, Dec 12 – Sat, Dec 14, 7pm


Auditions for both projects:

(choose one of the two days listed)

Tue, Oct 22 • 6 – 8pm

Wed, Oct 23 • 6 – 8pm


Thu, Oct 24 • 6 – 9pm



Begin the week of Oct 28

Evenings, and Saturday Afternoons TBD. No rehearsals Fridays and Sundays.


For the audition, please prepare one contemporary monologue. Sides will also be provided. Bring a headshot and current resume. Email to schedule an audition time.

Two previous DCPA Education classes or workshops required to audition.

The Master Class Project is funded through the Lewis Myers Scholarship Fund.