Scene Study II: The Plays of Rajiv Joseph

Explore the works of award-winning playwright, Rajiv Joseph. With plays that inquire into time, relationship and difference, Rajiv Joseph’s works have made him a popular choice for production in American theatres large and small. Joseph’s Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo was a 2010 Pulitzer Prize finalist but it is his two works, Gruesome Playground Injuries and Animals Out of Paper that solidified his reputation as an actor’s playwright unafraid of inviting actors into the intimacies of his gift of language and connection. This class will showcase these two plays with others, including Guards at the Taj, Bengal Tiger and Mr. Wolf. As Joseph, himself inquired of his works, “could [these plays] act as a dramatic inquiry into the very nature of anxiety: how and why we fear the unknown and the future, and how we negotiate those fears?”

7 sessions • $330 • 3.5 hour class time
Tue • Apr 7 – May 19 • 6:30 – 10pm • Allison Watrous

Prerequisites: Introduction to Acting & Scene Study I or instructor approval. Please inquire at

Advanced Acting: Lanford Wilson