Improvisation: Grounded In Reality

The most powerful, memorable and engaging improvised scenes have little to do with being clever and everything to do with patience and instinct. By slowing down and taking in what is being said and done, great improvisational actors develop a thought process that gives them the ability to ground themselves in the reality of their current moment. This workshop will help you approach improvised scenes from a slow and steady space that opens up who, what and where the scene exists in real time. This approach creates a memorable ride that is as fulfilling to play as it is to watch. 8 student minimum, 14 maximum.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Improv or instructor approval. Please inquire at

2 sessions • $120 • 3 hr class time
Sat • Jul 13 & 20 • 1 – 4pm • Kerstin Caldwell

Improvisation The Harold