Advanced Acting Workshop: 5 Minute Max

Receive feedback and adjustments on a fully rehearsed and prepared scene of your choice. Be challenged to dig in and realize a scene to your fullest capacity without previous instruction. Material is completely in your hands, but must be no more than 5 minutes in length and must be from a published play. Be prepared to receive specific, detailed and direct feedback from this team of theatre professionals. This workshop will accept applications for enrollment and a maximum of 12 students will be accepted. Scene partners will be assigned via random lottery pick.

1 session • Free • 3 hr class time
Sat • Mar 30 • 1 – 4pm • Sabin Epstein, Kate Gleason, Timothy McCracken, Allison Watrous

Prerequisite: Advanced Acting level class and/or instructor approval. To apply, please send head shot and resume to This workshop is funded through the Lewis Myers Scholarship Fund.