Voice & Speech: Finding Your Natural Voice

If you’re holding your breath in any way, part of you is absent.” – Kristin Linklater
In this workshop, you’ll practice the essential elements of master voice teacher Kristin Linklater’s work: breath, touch of sound, resonators and articulators. Learn how to relax while speaking so you can break away from the confines of your “familiar” voice and into the dynamic, limitlessness of your “natural” voices. Take part in a series of exercises to free the voice from habitual body tension, as well as to make connections between thoughts, images, words and sounds. Students will work on exercises between the first and second classes so you can assess your personal progress. For the first class, please bring in a piece of text with imagistic language. Poetry is perfect, about 14-20 lines, that will take under one minute long to read.

2 sessions • $120 • 3 hr class time
Sat • Feb 1 & 8 • 1 – 4pm • Anne Penner

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