Middle School Teen Performance – David Mamet’s THE REVENGE OF THE SPACE PANDAS OR BINKY RUDICH AND THE TWO-SPEED CLOCK, June 15 – 26 (two weeks)

“Time on Earth moves at the same speed all the time, but there is another speed, a slower speed, and if we could find it, everything would stand still on Earth and we would spin off.” Once time slows, you and your cast mates will tumble into Crestview, Fourth World in the Goolagong System, ruled by George Topax and guarded by the Great Space Pandas. Actors must be able to attend all rehearsals and performances. Audition preparation is not necessary, as auditions will be done as part of the first days of the program. Students must have completed 5th grade.

Jun 15 – 26 • 9:30am – 4pm • $600