2015 Summit Spotlight video: Tanya Saracho's ‘Fade'

Fade, by Tanya Saracho, is about Mexican-born Lucia, who is hired as a novice to write for a Latina character on an L.A.-based TV series. The play is based on Saracho’s own experiences writing for the TV shows Devious Maids, Girls and Looking. “Listen: I got into television because I was a diversity hire,’ she says bluntly. “I don’t care why I got in there. I just needed an in, because we need to be in there.”

In Fade, the  character of Lucia soon discovers that the film studio’s Chicano studio custodian has a windfall of plot ideas. As their friendship grows and she begins incorporating his insights into her scripts, Lucia’s professional stardom starts to rise, but her personal life only becomes more and more compromised. The cast includes Alejandra Escalante, Eddie Martinez and Amy Luna. The director is Jerry Ruiz.

Of working at the DCPA on this featured Colorado New Play Summit reading, Saracho adds: “The support of everyone is really amazing because they are just trying to get your play born. So it’s like everyone is a midwife.” 

Video by John Moore and David Lenk.

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Alejandra Escalante and Eddie Martinez in 'Fade.' Photo by John Moore. Alejandra Escalante and Eddie Martinez in ‘Fade’ rehearsal. Photo by John Moore.