Bobby G Awards Outstanding Chorus nominee: Brighton High School

The Bobby G Awards celebrate outstanding achievement in Colorado high-school musical theatre. The sixth annual awards take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 24, at the Buell Theatre. (Reserve your seat here)

Each year, we single out one category for further recognition on the NewsCenter. This year, we are spotlighting the five schools nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Chorus with a selfie video shout-out (above), along with an Q&A with each school’s Choral Director. First up: Brighton High School’s Once on This Island.


Once on This Island
Jane Archuleta, Overall Director

  • How does one become a Choral Director, anyway? At our school, we are really fortunate that our Choir Director usually is our “person” who works with our program. We have had productions where we have not been able to use that person, and in our community we are lucky to have musicians and experienced people who are committed to our school and our program and they have helped. While the Choir Director directs the music, our whole team encourages and works with the chorus — always focusing on making them the core and heart of our shows.
  • Which singing range is hardest to find at your school? Boys in general.
  • What is the value that a full and robust (and on-key) chorus brings to an overall production? We value our ensemble and chorus very highly.  This is the piece of a stage production that adds to your overall production atmosphere. The chorus brings out the emotion of the show.
  • Brighton High SchoolWhat’s the one thing you wish people knew about the chorus of a high-school musical production? Their work is harder because that they have to coordinate with each other and everyone and usually they are busy running around backstage more than others. They have to be at every rehearsal and have a commitment to the entire show even when they aren’t on stage and in the spotlight all of the time. It takes dedication to be in the chorus.
  • What do you say to a student who is disappointed to ‘only’ be a chorus member? First of all, we truly believe if you can’t be part of the whole, you will never be very good alone. We value this at our school and in our program. Leaders take on many different roles — we even have an award at the end of the year for the outstanding ‘extra.’
  • What is the greatest chorus performance you have ever witnessed? Les Misérables in London (above)
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    • What does it mean to your kids to be nominated for a Bobby G Award? We were nominated the first year we applied three years ago, but we were not nominated last year. This was a goal they set for themselves early on. They have reached their goal for this year, and that means so much to them. This goal motivated them throughout all of our rehearsals.
    • What has this experience taught you about the value of music education and extracurricular activities at your school? In a high-school world where there is so much recognition for sports and for other areas, having this recognition for the arts is outstanding. We are so proud to be a Bobby G Awards nominee and so appreciative of this program and all the work that goes into the process.

    Brighton High School Bobby G Awards

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