Coloradans urged to pledge we're amazin' to Amazon


To lend support to Colorado’s bid to attract Amazon‘s second headquarters to the state, a grassroots group called “Colorado Loves” is asking everyone from natives to newcomers to share the many reasons they love Colorado on a new website called

The hope is that when officials from the tech giant read the entire collection of fawning anecdotes, they will collectively fall in love with Colorado, too. 

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Amazon is receiving bids from communities angling to be the landing spot for the Seattle-based company’s second headquarters. Amazon is promising the winning city a mega-tech campus with tons of high-paying jobs.

“The goal is to highlight all the things that are great about this region and why we can support 50,000 new jobs and tons of new innovation,” Stephanie Donner, who is leading the campaign, told The Denver Post. “If you’re inspired, we want you participate. There is no area where we have too much or too little. We need content and we want it to be user-generated.”

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