DCPA making Space Theatre seats available to public for free

About 400 seats from the DCPA’s Space Theatre are now up for grabs.

With Sunday’s final performance of the DCPA Theatre Company’s The Nest, The Space Theatre closed for a year-long renovation. And the DCPA is now making the iconic theatre’s 400 remaining forest-green seats available to local theatre companies and schools on a first-come basis, for free.

“They are all individual seats,” said DCPA Director of Production Jeff Gifford. “They are not on sleds.”

Space Theatre Seats. The Nest. The Edge Theatre in Lakewood already has claimed 80 seats, which is its capacity. Company co-ounder Rick Yaconis said he plans to bolt his new seats into wheeled platforms, so he can maintain the his space’s performance flexibility at the company’s 40 West Art Gallery space off Colfax and Teller Street.

For expediency’s sake, Gifford says he hopes a few groups will take seats in large numbers, rather than individuals requesting a seat or two.

“We are trying to cast as large a net as possible so we can find these seats a new home and keep them from going into a landfill,” Gifford said. 

The seats were manufactured by the Irwin Seating Company.

To request the seats, or arrange to inspect them, please email Assistant Project Manager
This is an email link:
Alyssa Stock at astock@dcpa.org

All seats must be claimed by March 28.

“We would prefer to donate them, and if we can help out the local theatre community in the process, that is always a bonus,” Stock said.

SPACE Theatre SEATSThe renovation of the Space Theatre is already underway. Photo by John Moore for the DCPA NewsCenter. Above right: ‘The Nest’ was the final production in the Space Theatre as we knew it. Photo by Adams Visual Communications.

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