Director Geoffrey Kent on a 'laugh-a-minute' God

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Geoffrey Kent quote. An Act of GodAn Act of God is a new comedy that imagines The Almighty is coming down to Earth to adapt the dusty 10 Commandments for these modern times. But because the very majesty of God might simply be too much for we mere mortals to handle, He takes on the far more approachable human form of a fabulously fun actor with just enough snark and charm. Imagine Jim Parsons or Sean Hayes — two popular TV sit-com actors who have played the role on Broadway.

In Denver, no need to imagine Wesley Taylor. The Broadway and TV star (Smash) has been cast as the omnipotent one here.

“Think of God as the perfect host of the perfect cocktail party … and he has the mic,” said Geoffrey Kent, a longtime actor and stage-combat expert who will be making his DCPA directorial debut when An Act of God premieres regionally at the Garner Galleria Theatre on Oct. 15. Kent calls the show part stand-up comedy… and part “Oprah.”

In An Act of God, Kent said, “We get to watch God appear before us as a reflection of who we are now.”

And who are we now?

“Oh, we can be kind of terrible sometimes, and we can also be wonderful,” Kent said with a laugh. “And the same thing can be said of God.”

An Act of God, written by 13-time Emmy winner David Javerbaum of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, is “laugh-a-minute funny,” Kent said – but in an occasionally thoughtful kind of way.

“I think it pokes fun at the theist and the atheist equally,” Kent said. “But a comedy can ask meaningful questions just as well as a drama can. What’s joyful to me is that through the course of the play, we get to watch God learn something about himself — and that humanizes him.”

The cast also includes Steven Cole Hughes as the angel Michael, Erik Sandvold as Gabriel and Steven J. Burge as understudy to God.

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Kent is a Colorado native who attended Centaurus High School in Lafayette and the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. He started teaching classes with DCPA Education back in 1996 and debuted as an actor with the DCPA Theatre Company in Anthony Powell’s Hamlet in 2002. He is the in-house Fight Director for all Theatre Company plays, and is a member of the Arvada Center’s new resident acting company.

“I never thought I would ever have an opportunity to direct a show at the Galleria Theatre,” Kent said, “and it’s thrilling.”

An Act of God: Ticket information

• Oct. 15 through March 12, 2017
• Garner-Galleria Theatre
• ASL interpreted, Audio-described and Open Captioned performance: TBA
• Tickets: 303-893-4100 or Tickets: 303-893-4100 or BUY ONLINE
• Groups: Call 303-446-4829

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