Elias Harger: From Denver Center's Tiny Tim to TV's 'Fuller House'

Elias Harger will play Max Fuller, DJ’s 7-year old son, in Netflix’s upcoming Fuller House, the sequel to the long-running hit family sit-com, Full House. Harger played Tiny Tim for the DCPA Theatre Company in last season’s A Christmas Carol.

Fuller House will be released online in January.

Elias Harger.Harger, who turned 8 on Oct. 22, will play the younger of DJ’s two sons. Max’s older brother is named Jackson (he goes by JD – get it?), who will be played by Michael Campion.

“My favorite part about being on set is being part of the live taping nights, because it’s super fun,” Harger said. “There is an audience and a DJ and a lot of great energy on stage.”

Well, that would make for two DJs. Max’s mother is, of course, Donna Jo Margaret Tanner, played on the show by Candace Cameron. DJ is the widow Danny (Bob Saget’s) oldest child. DJ was typically the practical member of the family. In the series finale, audiences saw the college-bound D.J. enjoy a kiss at her senior prom.

Mile_High_Holidays_Holiday_Box_Office_CircleIn Fuller House, “DJ is in mom mode, full-time,” Candace Cameron Bure recently told TVLine. “She’s not a teenager anymore, but she’s still really fun. She also has to keep her boys under control without a husband, so she’s got to be a disciplinarian.” 

Harger may only be 8, but his extensive local theatre credits also include Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus (Parker Arts Council), Shrek the Musical (Inspire Creative) and Jet and the Giants (Buggily Group). TV and film credits include Ghost Inside My Child, Popsy: A Short Film, The Giving Tree, Riviera and Neverland. He took classes at both at the Denver Center Theatre Academy (now Denver Center Education) and Colorado School of Acting.

Elias Harger and James Michael Reilly. Photo by Jennifer M. Koskinen
Photos: Elias Harger 2015 (top right); at the DCPA’s Holiday Box Office last year in Cherry Creek, middle and below (Photos by John Moore); and with James Michael Reilly (Cratchit) in ‘A Christmas Carol,’ above (Photo by Jennifer M. Koskinen).


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