Guns and broses: Tattoos, video and opening-night 'Macbeth' photos

Macbeth: Opening-night photo gallery:

Making of 'Macbeth'


The photos above are from Opening Night of the DCPA Theatre Company’s production of Macbeth on Sept. 22. To see more photos in the gallery above, hover your cursor over the image above and click the forward arrow that appears.

The evening marked the official reopening of the renovated Space Theatre and was capped by a party in the Seawell Ballroom. Backstage and party photos by John Moore for the DCPA NewsCenter. Photo-booth photos by Bamboo Booth.

Making of Macbeth video: Actor Skyler Gallun’s tattoo application:

This short, fun time-lapse video shows DCPA Theatre Company makeup artists Taylor Malott and Robin Appleton applying opening-night tattoos to actor Skyler Gallun, who plays poor Donalbain, the hunted son of murdered King Duncan, in Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy.

Some of the 17 actors are naturally tattooed, but the artists say those who are having theirs applied can have them last anywhere from a day to almost a week. Gallun says he has been having his reapplied about every three days. Video by John Moore for the DCPA NewsCenter.

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Macbeth. Nataki Garrett

Associate Artistic Director Nataki Garrett addresses those gathered after the Opening Night performance of ‘Macbeth,’ with some cast members behind her. Photo by John Moore.

Macbeth: Ticket information
Macbeth_seasonlineup_200x200At a glance: Forget what you know about Shakespeare’s brutal tragedy. Director Robert O’Hara breathes new life (and death) into this raw reimagining for the grand reopening of The Space Theatre. To get what he wants, Macbeth will let nothing stand in his way – not the lives of others or his own well-being. As his obsession takes command of his humanity and his sanity, the death toll rises and his suspicions mount. This ambitious reinvention reminds us that no matter what fate is foretold, the man that chooses to kill must suffer the consequences.

  • Presented by the DCPA Theatre Company
  • Performances through Oct. 29
  • Space Theatre, Denver Performing Arts Complex
  • Tickets start at $25
  • Call 303-893-4100 or BUY ONLINE
  • Sales to groups of 10 or more click here

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Video: Your first look at the DCPA Theatre Company’s Macbeth:

Video above by DCPA Video Producer David Lenk. 

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