January 2018: Applause Magazine puzzle solution

With each new issue of Applause Magazine, we offer readers a puzzle related to our current shows. Here is the most recent crossword puzzle, covering The King & I, Stomp, Zoey’s Perfect Wedding, American Mariachi and The Great Leap (which we took as permission to ask a few random questions about sports and theatre).


Applause Crossword 800

ACROSS clues:

  • 4. American Mariachi playwright José Cruz González also wrote the DCPA’s world-premiere play Sunsets and _______
  • 6. Stomp started as two miming British street artists performing a genre widely known as ______
  • 8 Zoey playwright Matthew Lopez also wrote The _________ Man.
  • 10. Lyric: “Whenever I feel afraid, I hold my head erect and whistle a ____ tune.”
  • 12. Stomp features eight performers who employ unconventional variations of this type of musical instruments
  • 13. Zoeys Perfect Wedding playwright Matthew Lopez also wrote The Legend of Georgia _______
  • 14.  A performance of Stomp contains none of these, because the creators believe everyone can fully understand it without them.
  • 17.  The King & I is set in this city, which also has bloodlines to a famous song from Chess.
  • 18.  In the 1970s, it was unheard of for this gender to be playing mariachi music.
  • 20. Mariachi bands generally wear this kind of suit in performance.
  • 22. The idea behind Stomp is to try to find music within this, a word that usually describes unwanted sound.

    DOWN clues

  • 1. The most famous American to play professional basketball in China to date is Stephon _______
  • 2. Matthew Lopez was named the DCPA’s first- ever _________ Fellow in 2014
  • 3. Acclaimed baseball play about the first openly gay major-league player: Take Me _______
  • 4. Doctors believe playing this can help reach a patient with dementia even as memory fails
  • 5. Last name of the actor who played King Mongkut in The King and I 4,625 times on stage.
  • 7. The King & I is based on the novel Anna and the King of ____.”
  • 9. The generally very organized wedding _____ is typically not the drunkest person at the party. Typically.
  • 11. According to the playwright, this is the only Western sport that has never been banned in China
  • 13. The tradition of mariachi music is believed to have begun in this country.
  • 15. Song from The King & I: Shall We ______?
  • 16. Howlingly well-received current Broadway play about girls’ soccer: The _______
  • 19. Last name of basketball player who was famous for the accuracy of his underhanded free throws
  • 21. Last (family) name of the Chinese center who played in eight NBA All-Star Games as a member of the Houston Rockets.

Zoey Crossword Puzzle. Adams Viscom

Mallory Portnoy and Nija Okoro in ‘Zoey’s Perfect Wedding.’ Photo by AdamsVisCom.

Applause crossword puzzle solution

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