Meet 2018 Bobby G Awards Outstanding Actress nominee Coco Justino

Coco Justino Bobby G Awards Denver School of the Arts

The Bobby G Awards celebrate outstanding achievement in Colorado high-school musical theatre. The sixth annual awards take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 24, at the Buell Theatre. (Reserve your seat here)

Today we continue our daily rollout of the five students who are finalists for Outstanding Lead Actress. The winner will advance to represent Colorado at The Jimmy® Awards/The National High School Musical Theatre Awards™ (NHSMTA) in New York City.

Coco Justino Bobby G Awards quoteCOCO JUSTINO

Rosario in In the Heights
Denver School of the Arts
Class of 2018

  • Twitter bio: Believes that aliens are totally real and that every dog is The Best Dog. Coco because a cousin couldn’t say ‘Nicole’ as a baby.
  • What’s your handle? on Instagram
  • College plans: I’ll be at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle next year pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre.
  • First role: My theatre debut was playing Snoopy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
  • Why do you perform? Performing makes my heart feel full. I’ve always been a person who finds other people’s stories to be super valuable. Theatre is such a beautiful way to immerse the public in stories. The prospect that I might be able to help spread empathy to the world makes me happier and more fulfilled than anything else in the universe.
  • One time you saw greatness play out in front of you: A few years ago at a theatre summer camp, I got to be an audience member in an original short-play festival. While watching my peers, I was hit with an epiphany about why I love this art form so much. I was able to experience the realities of each of the playwrights in a way that I don’t think I could through any other medium.
  • Ideal scene partner: This is silly, but honestly, Tyra Banks. She is so eccentric in “America’s Next Top Model.” She just goes with whatever crazy thing she thinks up. I feel like she’d be a blast to do improv with.
  • What’s playing on your Spotify right now?  I’m obsessed with both “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” by Jeff Buckley, and “Gossamer Thin” by Conor Oberst (above). They are so lyrically beautiful and tell their stories so well.
  • Favorite moment from your show: There is a scene where the whole cast comes together as a community for a funeral. While it is the most somber moment of the show, it’s also when I felt most connected to all of the elements around me. At one point during our opening performance, the actor who played The Piragua Guy (who was a good four years younger than me) put his head on my chest and cried. I wasn’t expecting it, and my first genuine reaction was to hold him like a mother-figure. The in-the-moment connection I made both with him and the actor who played Camila felt like magic.
  • How does it feel to be nominated? I am so extremely elated. Theatre is one of the most important things in my world, and to have people recognize how much I care about it and how much work I put into it is so special. It makes me want to cry happy tears.

Reserve your seat for the May 24 Bobby G Awards

  • What has this experience taught you about the value of arts education and extracurricular activities at your school? This show has taught me so much respect for all of the people involved in putting on a production. Arts education is an extremely big component in that. I cannot imagine In The Heights having been such a great experience without the help of my dedicated and wonderful arts teachers. Mr. Brandon Becker, our director and one of our resident theatre teachers at DSA, was so phenomenally artful in how he conceptualized the show. He was so supportive and proved to be a great person to learn from. I know so many kids are learning amazing and valuable life lessons from teachers like him every day. Arts education, without any doubt, helps to improve our society.

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