Meet 2019 Bobby G Awards Outstanding Actress nominee Bella Hathorne

The Bobby G Awards celebrate outstanding achievement in Colorado high-school musical theatre. The seventh annual awards take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 23, at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. (Reserve your seat here.) Today we continue our rollout of the five finalists for Outstanding Lead Actress. The winner will advance to represent Colorado at The Jimmy® Awards/The National High School Musical Theatre Awards™ (NHSMTA).

Bella Hathorne

Jo March in Little Women
Littleton High School
Class of 2020
Director: Talia Liccardello

  • Twitter bio: No. 1 fan of puppies, ’80s music and cargo pants. Hoping to spend the rest of my life playing pretend.
  • What’s your handle? @bellahathorne on Instagram
  • College plans: I’m auditioning for college programs next year. I’m hoping to pursue a BFA in musical theatre.
  • First role: The wise octopus in The Rainbow Fish when I was 6.
  • Why do you perform? Because it’s a great way to reach people. I can connect with an entire room full of people at once, and hopefully I can send a message that will resonate with some of them.

Keala Settle.

  • One time you saw greatness play out in front of you: When I was 2 or 3, I saw The Lion King on Broadway.  My parents were worried that I wasn’t going to be able to sit through the full show, but when those giant animals came onstage, I sat completely still. I was so mesmerized by everything about that show that I immediately fell in love with theatre. Obviously, that stayed with me!
  • Ideal scene partner: I would love to perform with Keala Settle. I think she’s one of the most powerful actors around today – not to mention one of the most powerful singers. Because she has experience in both stage and film, there’s a lot I could learn from her.
  • What’s playing on your Spotify right now? Right now I have “Joy” by Bastille on repeat.
  • Favorite moment from your show: One night I was trying to pull a fake sword out from under a really heavy prop, and I accidentally pulled too hard and hit myself in the face with it. It gave me a huge bruise and a couple splinters, but for some reason that moment reminded me of one of the reasons I love acting. If someone asked me where the bruise on my face came from, I had to tell them that I got it from a sword that I needed to use for a pretend sword fight. Where else would you get to do that?
  • How does it feel to be nominated? So surreal. I still can’t wrap my head around it. But I’m incredibly honored to be able to represent my school, and super stoked that my director is also nominated. It’s even crazier to be nominated alongside fellow actors I’ve always looked up to.

Reserve your seat for the May 23 Bobby G Awards

  • What does it mean to you that the Bobby G Awards exist? The Bobby Gs are a fantastic way to bring together high schools from all over the state.  It’s a chance for everyone to come together to celebrate this really cool thing that we all love. We’re very lucky to have the opportunity to learn how we can improve and support each other.
  • What has this experience taught you about the value of arts education and extracurricular activities at your school? The arts have an amazing power to inspire people, and bringing the arts into education can help keep that inspiration alive, whether you’re in the audience or onstage. The arts teach empathy and teamwork, which are useful no matter what you want to do with your life.

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