The cast of Cirque Eloize 'Hotel.' Photo by Pierre Manning.

Meet the characters who are checking into Cirque Éloize – ‘Hotel’

The cast of Cirque Eloize 'Hotel.' Photo by Pierre Manning.

The cast of Cirque Eloize ‘Hotel,’ visiting Denver from December 19-23. Photo by Pierre Manning.


Acrobatics, theatre, dance and live music will draw spectators into the color, grandeur and poetry that is Hotel.

Welcome to Hotel. Enjoy your stay. Cirque Éloize welcomes you into this timeless art-deco hotel, a place where strangers from all walks of life meet.

Hotel is the story of a place … but it is mainly a place full of stories. This is the place where we mingle with strangers for a brief moment. From the Maître d’hôtel, overwhelmed by the events to the mischievous maid, to the devoted handyman and his inseparable dog, Carpette, the hotel’s staff is like each of us, the privileged witnesses to the lives of colorful individuals.

Carried by the voice of a guest on the top floor who narrates and comments on the story as it unfolds, we meet lovers who do not know they are meant to be, improbable travelers and a celebrity who goes out of her way to win her place.

Enter the lobby doors of this grandiose place and discover with us the intricately woven story of these travelers:

The Groom: Cory Marsh is a DJ who uses the cry wheel, Chinese pole and hula hoop to change the ambience, modify time and trigger events.

The Bride: A guest of the hotel for decades, Sabrina Halde still waits for her lover to come. Through song, she comments on events around her.

The Star: Tuedon Ariri plays the star to the hilt but, when alone, we discover her inner strength displayed through aerial straps and contortion.

The Twins: Julius Bitterling and César Mispelon display absurd, acrobatic humor, as expressed in their twisted hand-to-hand tandem.

The Chameleon: A clown, stuntman and acrobat, Antonin Wicky stirs up deep emotions on the Chinese pole, hula hoop and cascade.

The Lovers: Emma Rogers and Andrei Anissimov each seek their missing half until they unite in a spectacular hand-to-hand number.

The Maître d’hôtel: Jérémy Vitupier takes care of your every need while displaying his mad skills with the slack wire, hula hoop and saxophone.

The Maid: Una Bennett makes chaos out of order with her mischievous antics on the hula hoop, Chinese pole and her specialty, the aerial rope.

The Jack of all Trades: Philippe Dupuis is not your average handyman. Through the Chinese pole, hula hoop and juggling, he is always at your service.

Enjoy the sights, sounds and stories of these improbable guests as their paths cross and intertwine. Playing at The Buell Theatre in Denver from December 19-23.

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At a glance: For its 25th anniversary, Cirque Éloize once again presents a touching, poetic, one-of-a-kind creation. Hotel is the story of a place and the travelers who come passing through it. A stopover where lives intersect, collide and juxtapose for a brief time to generate tales and memories. Acrobatics, theatre, dance and live music will draw spectators into a colorful, timeless world. Avant-garde stage design, inspired by the elegance of the great hotels, will carry the narrative. All that remains is to enter through the lobby door and get swept away by the grandeur and poetry of Hotel.

  • Directed by Emmanuel Guillaume
  • Choreographed by Annie St-Pierre
  • December 19-23
  • Buell Theatre, Denver Performing Arts Complex
  • Audio-described performance: Dec 22, 2pm

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