Photo gallery: Opening Night of 'The Nest'

The Nest

From left: Lighting Designer Grant W. S. Yeager, Kevin Berntson, Andrea Syglowski, Brian D. Coats, Carly Street, Playwright Theresa Rebeck, Brian Dykstra, Victoria Mack, Director Adrienne Campbell-Holt, Laura Latreille and David Mason.

Photos from Opening Night of the DCPA Theatre Company’s world-premiere play The Nest, written by Theresa Rebeck and directed by Adrienne Campbell-Holt. To see more photos, press the “forward” arrow on the photo above.

The Nest David Mason The cast includes Kevin Berntson, Andrea Syglowski, Brian D. Coats, Carly Street, Brian Dykstra, Victoria Mack, Laura Latreille and David Mason. Guests at the celebration afterward included cast members from upcoming productions of All the Way and FADE.

The Nest is new play written specifically for the DCPA Theatre Company as part of its new-play development program.

“This play is about the dream of wanting your life to turn out a certain way, and it hasn’t,” said Campbell-Holt. “It’s about combative people trying to create their own tribe. It’s Chekhov meets Cheers meets Long Day’s Journey Into Night.”

Pictured above right: Actor David Mason reviews his notes on the set about an hour before the opening performance. ​

Video: First look at The Nest:

The Nest: Ticket information

  • theresa-rebeckBy Theresa Rebeck (pictured right)
  • Through Feb. 21
  • Space Theatre
  • When you have a seat at the bar called The Nest, no conversation is off-limits, whether you’re speaking or eavesdropping. That is, until a stranger walks in with a lucrative proposition. Pulitzer Prize finalist Theresa Rebeck’s plays “may make you laugh or shudder (or both)” according to American Theatre, and with its feisty humor and scorching dialogue, this explosive new comedy holds a cracked mirror up to friendships, romantic relationships and families.
  • Tickets: 303-893-4100 or BUY ONLINE

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    Photos: The Nest production photos:
    The Nest Photos by Adams Visual Communications. To see more, click the “forward” arrow.

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