Revisiting Randy Weeks' 'It Gets Better' video

After a spate of suicides by six bullied teenagers in 2010, Denver Center for the Performing Arts President Randy Weeks participated in an “It Gets Better” video conceived by then-18-year-old Metro State freshman Zachary Page and his father, actor Paul Page.

Randy_Weeks_It_Gets_Better_CircleThe Pages rallied more than 40 members of the local theater community to take part in the video aimed at encouraging isolated and endangered youth. The video, shot by Jeremy Make, was part of the national “It Gets Better” campaign.

Weeks appears twice in the video above.
“You’re being afraid of something you don’t understand. So who really is the strong one?” Weeks says. Later on, he adds: “The message today is you are not alone.”

Weeks died last week in his sleep in a London hotel room. He was 59.

Last year, Zach Page went to work in the DCPA box office, where Weeks got his professional start in 1978. Page now lives in Washington.

More video: The making of Zach Page’s “It Gets Better” video:

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