Stanley Marketplace soon to welcome 'Travelers of the Lost Dimension'

Travelers of the Lost Dimension

Off-Center, the unconventional arm of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ programming, has announced that its upcoming, off-site collaboration at the new Stanley Marketplace will be called Travelers of the Lost Dimension.

A Stanley Aviation 800Written by and featuring the Denver-based comedy trio A.C.E., Travelers of the Lost Dimension will be a 360-degree experience where audience members make their way through various public spaces throughout Stanley Marketplace and touch objects, play games and find themselves inches away from the story’s participating characters.

“We are really looking forward to a new type of audience immersion with this show,” said Charlie Miller, Curator of Off-Center. “With our recent production of Sweet & Lucky, we occupied a 16,000 square-foot warehouse and built an immersive world for the audience to explore. With Travelers of the Lost Dimension, we are excited to be working throughout public spaces at Stanley Marketplace, creating a story that will change how audiences perceive the world around them.”

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A.C.E. is a Denver-based comedy trio made up of an American, a Canadian and an Englishman (get it?) otherwise known as actors Linda Klein, Barbara Gehring and Matthew Taylor. A.C.E. has created more than 50 unique theatrical productions around the world since 1998. Gehring and Klein created the raucous comedy phenom Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women, which has celebrated the truth and silliness of being a woman for more than 110,000 (mostly female) audiences since 2008.

The Travelers of the Lost Dimension story, according to its makers:

“Take a ride that’s quicker than light … faster than time … to a world that’s just like ours … but not. There’s a dimension that exists a breath away from our own, undetected by those who live parallel to it. The mysteries of this strangely similar world have been lost for eons, until now. With wit, wonderment and some dubious technology, a ragtag group of explorers will brave an inter-dimensional journey to discover the fantastical realm in the beyond. Open your eyes a little wider, step out a little further and leap into an adventure comedy of your imagination.”

The Stanley Marketplace, which opened last year near the Stapleton neighborhood just east of Denver, is a community of like-minded businesses and residents who believe sustainable retail and community development.

Off-Center announces Stanley Marketplace partnership

The more than 22-acre space, which occupies 140,000 square feet, was once Stanley Aviation headquarters, where airplane ejector seats were engineered and manufactured. Today it is an adaptive re-use community hub, home to a park, beer hall and an urban marketplace. All businesses are local and independent.

“We’re big fans of collaboration, and we leaped at the chance to work with the team from Off-Center,” said Bryant Palmer, Chief Storyteller at Stanley Marketplace. “They excel at producing one-of-a-kind theatrical experiences, and we’re building a marketplace in an old aviation manufacturing facility with a rich history. That sounds like a perfect combination to us.”

Miller said each performance will be limited to 45 audience members. Tickets start at $30.

This production is supported by The Wallace Foundation’s Building Audiences for Sustainability initiative.

Off-Center also will be presenting two nights of Cult Following: Secrets and Confessions hosted by Fox-31 TV personality Chris Parente and its resident team of improv comedians at The Clocktower Cabaret on Feb. 10-11. Click here for information.

Travelers of the Lost Dimension: Company
Diana Dresser (Off-Center’s Sweet & Lucky, DCPA Theatre Company’s All the Way)
Adrian Egolf (DCPA Theatre Company’s Benediction)
Barbara Gehring (Member of A.C.E.)
Linda Klein (Member of A.C.E.)
Leigh Miller (Off-Center’s Sweet & Lucky)
Bruce Montgomery Evergreen Players’ Epic Improv Company
Matthew Taylor (Member of A.C.E.)
Nanna Thompson (Off-Center’s Cult Following)

Travelers of the Lost Dimension: Ticket information
Travelers of the Lost DimensionMarch 16-April 23
• 2501 Dallas St, Aurora, CO 80010 MAP IT
• Tickets: 303-893-4100 or Tickets: 303-893-4100 or BUY ONLINE
• Groups: Call 303-446-4829

Please note that each performance is limited to 45 audience members and some performances already are sold out.

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