Summit cast lists: Familiar names, new names and … Laurence Lau


Preparations begin in earnest today for the 10th Colorado New Play Summit, and the first since the premiere showcase of new American works for the American Theatre expanded to two weeks.

The four selected plays will be developed this week, presented to the public next weekend (Feb. 14-15), then go back into rehearsal for another round of improvements before being presented again the following weekend for the national theatre industry (Feb. 20-21). 

Laurence LauThe cast lists have now been announced. One name that jumps out to pop-culture aficionados is Laurence Lau, who has made quite a name for himself as a theatre actor since becoming an international household name playing Greg (as in Greg and Jenny) on TV’s All My Children. Lau last appeared in Denver playing the pedophile boyfriend in the national touring production of August: Osage County.

Among the familiar names to DCPA Theatre Company audiences are Kim Staunton (black odyssey), Michael Santo (Death of a Salesman, Jackie & Me), Lise Bruneau (Heartbreak House), Nasser Faris (Inana), Victoria Mack (The 39 Steps) and Jessica Love (Map of Heaven). The ensembles also include Nick Mills and Mehry Iris Eslaminia, both of whom are appearing in the world premiere of Appoggiatura. Shelley Butler, who directed Catherine Trieschmann’s hit comedy The Most Deserving last year, is back to helm Holy Laughter. No cast members from Benediction will be participating in Summit readings this year because of conflicting performance schedules.

Primer: Your guide to the 2015 Colorado New Play Summit.


The There There
By Jason Gray Platt
Director: Courtney Sale
Dramaturg: Douglas Langworthy
One couple traverses a lifetime in a single sitting in this expansive, stirring new play.  From their first touch in the present day through the next 45 years, the dynamics of their relationship fluctuate as quickly as the latest twists of technology. Packing an entire life into six potent scenes, Platt’s masterful dialogue probes the heart and questions what it means to hang on to humanity as the 21st century advances.

Role: Actor
Actor 1: Nick Mills
Actor 2: Vin Kridakorn
Actor 3: Melissa Recalde
Actor 4: Nasser Faris
Actor 5: Lenny Von Dohlen
Actor 6: Lise Bruneau
Reader: Heather Hughes

The Crown
By Theresa Rebeck
Director: Adrienne Campbell-Holt
For the small-town regulars at The Crown, life is an endless series of jokes and over-the-top conversations that liven up the neighborhood watering hole… until a well-heeled woman walks in and tries to buy the beautiful antique bar. A comedy with quirky humor and quick wit. A DCPA Theatre Company commission.

Role: Actor
Margo: Carly Street
Patrick Wilcox: John Procaccino
Barry: Brian D. Coats
Nick Freelander: Laurence Lau
Laila Freelander: Carine Montbertrand
Sam: Victoria Mack
Ned Batish: Kevin Berntson
Irene Colatonio: Jessica Love
Reader: Royce Roeswood

By Tanya Saracho
Director: Jerry Ruiz
Dramaturg: Stephanie Ybarra
Mexican-born Lucia is hired to write for a Latina character on an L.A.-based TV series. She soon discovers that Abel, the Chicano studio custodian, has a windfall of plot ideas. As their friendship grows and she begins incorporating Abel’s insights into her scripts, Lucia’s professional stardom starts to rise, but her personal life only becomes more and more complicated. A DCPA Theatre Company commission.

Role: Actor
Lucia: Alejandra Escalante
Abel: Eddie Martinez
Reader: Amy Luna

Holy Laughter
By Catherine Trieschmann
Director: Shelley Butler
Dramaturg: Joy Meads
An Episcopal priest finds the reality of leading a church is radically and hilariously different than what she learned in seminary. As she wrestles with church finances, eccentric parishioners, changing sexual mores and her own doubting human heart, Abigail struggles to make peace with the realities of contemporary church life. Hymns, liturgical dance and a wicked tongue lift this antic portrait of a small, struggling congregation to comic heights. Trieschmann wrote last season’s hit comedy, The Most Deserving. A DCPA Theatre Company commission.

Role: Actor
Abigail: Sadieh Rifai
Esther /Myra: Kelley Rae O’Donnell
Lloyd / Victor: Michael Santo
Martine / Vivienne: Kim Staunton
Noah / Sam: Chris Murray
Ensemble/Guitar and Vocals: Mehry Eslaminia
Reader: Chelsea Frye

For more information on the 2015 Colorado New Play Summit, or to order tickets, call 303-893-6030 or click here to go to the DCPA’s web site.

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