2017 True West Awards: Six set-sational set designs

Singling out just one compellingly executed set design this year seemed entirely inadequate. So instead, we chose to spotlight six.

2017 True West Award: Meridith and Gary Grundei

If life is an unpainted canvas, then the Grundeis are evidence that life is also a not-yet-traveled highway.

2017 True West Award: Logan Ernstthal

Logan Ernstthal is a big, burly, bearded mountain man with a glare as intimidating as the spelling of his name. With the heart of a…

2017 True West Award: Kevin Landis

“I want to put students in the room with the greatest artists and art thinkers in the country, because this is where they can learn…

2017 True West Award: Lenne Klingaman

For Colorado Shakespeare Festival Director Carolyn Howarth, the question wasn’t, “Why a female Hamlet?” It was more like, “Why not a female Hamlet?”

2017 True West Award: Helen Hand

A most unexpected thing happened while Helen Hand was preserving her murdered brother’s legacy — she fell in love with his theatre. And with theatre…

2017 True West Award: Randy Chalmers

The rising young actor joined some heady company this year when he played the same character in ‘Hairspray’ for the third different company and third…

2017 True West Award: Lauren Shealy

“Not only is Lauren Shealy effortlessly talented and effervescently positive, she has the discipline of a drill sergeant,” says her director in “Evita.’