2017 True West Award: Meridith and Gary Grundei

If life is an unpainted canvas, then the Grundeis are evidence that life is also a not-yet-traveled highway.

Breakin' Convention workshop spreads message of hip-hop and hope

Breakin’ Convention’s French hip-hop stars work up a sweat with local breakers at Denver’s Bboy Factory in advance of weekend festivities.

Check out the all-local casting for DCPA's 'First Date'

The new musical comedy, opening Nov. 11 at the Garner Galleria Theatre, follows a couple trying to turn a dating disaster into something special.

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With ‘Hamilton’ out of contention, Sunday’s Tony Awards, hosted by Kevin Spacey, promises to spread the focus around.

In the Spotlife: Napoleon M. Douglas of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'

The DCPA Teaching Artist is learning the hard way what it’s like to have no one on your side as Judas at the Arvada Center.

2016 True West Award: Lon Winston

On Feb. 24, Thunder River Theatre Company will re-name its studio theatre the Lon Winston Theatre after its retiring counterculture founder.

Meet the cast: Meridith C. Grundei of 'Frankenstein'

“If only humans would suspend judgment and see someone for who they really are, perhaps our world would have fewer ‘monsters.’ ”