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True West Awards 2018 Jim Hunt

2018 True West Award: Jim Hunt

Beloved actor will spend his 75th birthday playing his part on this sacred day of spiritual renewal

True West Awards Charlie Miller

2018 True West Award: Charlie Miller

When Off-Center co-founder has an idea, it means innovation for audiences – and employment for local artists

True West Awards Angela Astle

2018 True West Award: Angela Astle

This champion of gender parity ‘draws people to her by her sheer force of boundless positivity and grace and enthusiasm’

True West Awards Hannah Duggan Buntport

2018 True West Award: Hannah Duggan

‘You can’t be that funny without being a really good actor,’ Evan Weissman says of orginal Buntport castmate

True West Awards Mike and Diana Kinsey

2018 True West Award: Diana and Mike Kinsey

‘They give because theatre has the power to change lives, open hearts and minds to new ideas – and remind us of our humanity’

True West Awards Ilasiea L. Gray

2018 True West Award: Ilasiea L. Gray

‘I am so happy to remind kids that princesses — and regular people — come in all shades, shapes and sizes, and can look many different ways.’

True West Awards Sheryl McCallum

2018 True West Award: Sheryl McCallum

Conquering returning Denver native shows she’s as good with a gun as she is on a pair of roller skates

True West Awards Lynne Collins

2018 True West Awards: Lynne Collins

Maverick gambles on resident acting company and throwback plays – and audiences, critics and donors back her play.