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2018 True West Awards Katie Espinoza

2018 True West Awards: Katie Espinoza

2018 TRUE WEST AWARDS, Day 11 An effective stage manager requires stealth, compassion, organization – and a willingness to go completely unnoticed True West Awards: Let’s see. How to best describe the traits of an effective stage manager? What are the words I’m looking for? … What are they? … OK, I give up. “Line!” […]

True West Awards BDT Stage The Laramie Project

2018 True West Awards: The Laramie Project

A community comes together to remember Matthew Shepard but 20 years later, there is still much work to be done

2018 True West Awards Edward Teddy Meyer

2018 True West Award: Teddy Meyer

A 16-year-old high-school graduate plays double-duty on stage – and in the orchestra pit

2018 Trye West Awards Meghan Anderson Doyle

2018 True West Awards: Meghan Anderson Doyle

2018 TRUE WEST AWARDS, Day 4 Costume designs for any era, style or story Consider, for a moment, the variety of characters Meghan Anderson Doyle clothed in 2018: A mystical Romanian mother of a dying child. A 1970s female wannabe mariachi player. A teenage Syrian refugee. Anarchist graffiti artists. A sexually fasting young Shakespearean king. […]

2018 True West Awards Into the Woods. Phamaly Catamounts

2018 True West Awards: Into the Woods

Today’s honorees are two productions that explored new theatrical terrain

2018 True West Awards Day 3 Fun Home

2018 True West Awards: ‘Fun Home’

2018 TRUE WEST AWARDS, Day 3 Groundbreaking musical found a home on stages across Colorado Fun Home, the coming-of-age story of a lesbian cartoonist whose gay father killed himself, was never supposed to make it to Broadway. It couldn’t possibly win the Tony Award for Best Musical. There was no chance a touring production could […]

Day 1 Mocosos True West Awards Su Teatro

2018 True West Awards: The Mocosos

Su Teatro’s youth theatre company took to the streets of the world’s largest arts festival – and they owned it.

2 2018 True West Awards Harts 800

2018 True West Award: Betty Hart and Kevin Hart

If you had to have theatre in Colorado this year, you had to have Hart.