Try our new crossword puzzle: Four Denver Center shows

With each new issue of Applause Magazine, we offer readers an original crossword puzzle related to our current shows. How well do you know Oklahoma, Beautiful, The Constant Wife and Vietgone.
The solution is posted below. Print and play! Download this printable version.


3 Singer who encouraged Carole King to sing her own songs (last name)
4 Everyone’s favorite Oklahoma Aunt ___
7 The author of The Constant Wife is W. ________ Maugham
12 Carole King’s memoir: “A ____ Woman”
14 The Farmer and the _________
19 She’s just a girl who can’t say no (two words)
20 TV’s American ______
21 Preferred mode of transportation in Vietgone
22 Oklahoma source book: Green Grow the _____

1 The original star of The Constant Wife in 1926 was this Barrymore
2 Vietgone playwright Qui Nguyen started his own theatre company called Yhe Vampire ______
5 A _____ is a light, four-wheeled carriage with two seats facing forward and looks best with a fringe on top
6 The Narrator of Vietgone is called, quite self-referentially, The ___________
8 Vietgone playwright Qui Nguyen also wrote the popular Dungeons and Dragons-inspired play She Kills ______, which was presented at the Aurora Fox
9 Planet that stirs Carole King
10 In The Constant Wife, Constance demonstrates a total lack of sentiment on the subject of ___________
11 W. Somerset Maugham was perhaps best known for writing “Of Human _______”
13 Beautiful song lyric: “It Might as Well Rain Until _____”
15 Creepy farmhand named ___ lives in the smokehouse on Laurey’s property
16 The Drifters sang Carole King’s “Some Kind of _____”
17 Carole King’s breakout album sold 25 million copies
18 Quote from The Constant Wife: “There is only one freedom that is really important, and that is ______ freedom
19 State where the refugee lovers of Vietgone meet at a relocation camp in 1975


The company of ‘Oklahoma!’ Photo by AdamsVisCom.

The solution: