Video: 2015 Local Playwrights Slam

Video by John Moore for the DCPA NewsCenter.

As the 2016 Colorado New Play Summit approaches, we take a look back in the video above at the inaugural Local Playwrights Slam hosted and curated by a group of Colorado writers known as the Rough Draught Playwrights.

The event was held during the opening weekend of the DCPA Theatre Company’s 2015 Colorado New Play Summit last February, and featured William Missouri Downs, Megan Fevurly, Ellen K. Graham, Josh Hartwell, Cajardo Rameer Lindsey and Buntport Theater‘s Erin Rollman and Hannah Duggan. The evening’s hosts were Nina Miller, Leslie C. Lewis and Jeff Neuman.

Playwrights Slam. Josh Hartwell. Buntport went on to produce its work in progress, Middle Aged People Sitting in Boxes, which was nominated for seven Colorado Theatre Guild Henry Awards. Graham’s The Wave That Set the Fire was a finalist at The O’Neill’s 2014 National Playwrights Conference. Downs’ Mr. Perfect has been published by Playscripts. Fevurly’s The Funambulist, renamed Tightrope, was staged at the University of Idaho. Hartwell’s one-act The Extraordinarily Mundane Adventures of Earth Boy was previously staged in 2012 at the Changing Scene Northwest. (Hartwell is pictured above.)

The 2016 Slam will be hosted by the Athena Project, which exists to support and provide opportunities for women writers. It will take place at 5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 13, at The Jones Theatre.

This year’s featured writers will be Lisa Wagner Erickson, Jennifer Faletto, Rebecca Gorman O’Neill, Leslie Lewis, Felice Locker and Catherine Wiley. Tickets are $10. For information, go to

Photos from the 2015 Local Playwrights Slam:

2015 Local Playwrights Slam Photos by John Moore for the DCPA NewsCenter.

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