Video: A behind-the-scenes look at 'Lord of the Flies'

Watch our video on the making of “Lord of the Flies,” above. Video by John Moore and David Lenk.

It’s been a month of savagery, chills, screaming audiences and morning matinees for students for the game cast of the DCPA Theatre Company’s Lord of the Flies. This  provocative adaptation of William Golding’s classic novel, directed by Anthony Powell, struck a deep chord in audiences young and old.

Lord_Of_The_Flies_Gumley_Hole_400Stranded on a deserted island, a group of English schoolboys become intoxicated by sudden freedom. Their time on the beach quickly descends not only into a barbaric power struggle, but an exploration into whether man’s inherent nature is to be civilized or animalistic.

It was a blast. And we at the NewsCenter were there, chronicling much of it.

In this brief video, we take a look back, starting with weeks before the cast arrived, when DCPA Shop Foreman Bob Orzolek demonstrated for us how the technical team was going to produce a real, safe indoor fire for scenes on the beach. We show you rehearsals with Movement Coach Laurence Curry, recording sound effects, the cast taking questions from an engaged student audience and more. Matthew Gumley, who plays Piggy (pictured up and right) was often asked about taking the 10-foot push off the cliff to his character’s death (there are sponge blocks and a trampoline down there breaking his fall).

Rarely have young audiences been so engaged in the live theatre. Oftentimes post-show talkback discussions would spill outside under the arch of the Denver Performing Arts Complex, where students would meet departing actors and pepper them with more questions about themselves, the play — and working without girls.    

Lord of the Flies closes tomorrow (Sunday, Nov. 2). We’re sure gonna miss those beastly lads.

Video by John Moore and David Lenk.

Here’s a look at more of our backstage photos of the making of Lord of the Flies.

John Moore was named one of the 12 most influential theater critics in the U.S by American Theatre Magazine in 2011. He has since taken a groundbreaking position as the Denver Center’s Senior Arts Journalist.

From left: Charlie Korman, Charlie Franklin and Matthew Gumley. Photo by Jennifer M. Koskinen.    

Lord of the Flies: Ticket information
Performances run through Nov. 2
The Space Theatre
Featuring Charlie Franklin, Gregory Isaac Stone, Matthew Gumley, Kurt Hellerich, Jack DiFalco, Ben Radcliffe, Noah Radcliffe, Allen Dorsey, Skyler Gallun, Ben Griffin, Charlie Korman and Geoffrey Kent.
Call 303-893-4100, or go to the Denver Center’s web site at

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Skyler Gallun (above) and Ben Griffin (below) transform into full-on savages during intermission of “Lord of the Flies.” Photos by John Moore. Read — and see — more about the actors’ intermission paint job by clicking here.


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