The Lead Performer nominees stand huddled together, singing the final note of the medley at the Bobby G Awards. Each has one arm raised, fingers reaching high.

Watch the Lead Performer Nominees Sing at the 2023 Bobby G Awards

At each Bobby G Awards, there is a special passing of the torch. The previous years’ Lead Performer winners kick off a medley performance, then give the stage to the nominees. At the 2023 Bobby G Awards, Thomas Beeker and Madison Manning launched into “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story, before stepping aside for each of the nominees to have their moment to shine. This year’s nominees were: Blythe Lockwood, Evan McKercher, Camille Nugent, Cooper Hand, Rebekah Jacobs, Connor O’Brian, Juliette Molina, Ethan Hoover, Georgia Lawrence, and Mark Gomez. Take a look at the Lead Performer Medley below!