Shakespeare Fest: Students put spirit of youth in everything

Despite a gloomy forecast, the mild weather cooperated just long enough for 5,000 students to perform in the oldest student Shakespeare Festival in the country.

Hurlyburly of nation's largest student Shakespeare Festival returns Friday

DCPA staff taught students how to make ruffs out of coffee filters, doublets out of T-Shirts and shoelaces, and togas out of pillow cases.

Video: Mamma Mia's Cashelle Butler returns to Cherry Creek High School

Cashelle Butler, who attended DCPA Education classes as a teenager, is home playing Tanya in the national touring production of ‘Mamma Mia.’

Barton Cowperthwaite: A Denverite in 'Paris' returns to alma mater

The featured ensemble member in the national touring production of ‘An American in Paris’ visited Denver School of the Arts. Photos and video.