DCPA's Juliet nearing her goal to complete debut album

Lenne Klingaman, who played Juliet in the DCPA Theatre Company’s Romeo and Juliet, and more recently Sylvie and Young Helen in Appoggiatura, is nearing her fundraising goal to complete her debut album, “The Heart is the Hunter.”

Lenne Klingaman in 'Appoggiatura,' left, and 'Romeo and Juliet.' Photos by Jennifer M. Koskinen. The album is described as indie folk or rock/pop Americana.

“We have recorded the music, the vocals and everything in between,” Klingaman said. “Now it’s time to mix, so we are headed to Nashville (to do that).”

The  next phase of production will cost about $7,000. If you would like to help, here is a link to Klingaman’s Kickstarter page.

Photos: Lenne Klingaman in ‘Appoggiatura,’ left, and ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Photos by Jennifer M. Koskinen.

Here’s more background on the project in Klingaman’s words:

“In 2014, my father wrote me a song when I was going through a tough transition in my life. And he nailed it. It’s about the agony and ecstasy of love, and how the heart is the compass and the comfort for that pain and growth. And even when you might not want to listen, she will guide you through the storm. Sometimes she will take you unwillingly, but you will reach the shore. The song is titled “The Heart is the Hunter.” It brought the whole album together. The spirit of the song is my compass for the project. Every decision comes back to it. And it only seemed right to name the album after it.

 “We worked with an incredible drummer, John O’Reilly Jr., who has worked with fun., The Format, Jimmy Eat World, Jason Mraz, Schuyler Fisk, Rachael Yamagata and Mandy Moore.  A fantastic mandolin player, Peter Ostroushko, graced us for a song. You may know him from A Prairie Home Companion, and his work with Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, & Greg Brown. And I am blessed with the keys and producing talents of Mark Christine, as well as with the guitar, bass, songwriting, engineering and producing skills of my longtime music making partner, Steve Klingaman.

Our Lenne Klingaman “Meet the cast” video: