Try our new crossword puzzle: ‘Dear Evan Hansen,’ ‘Love Never Dies’ and ‘Come from Away’

With each new issue of Applause Magazine, we offer readers an original crossword puzzle related to our current shows. How well do you know Dear Evan Hansen, Love Never Dies and Come from Away? The solution is posted below. Print and play!

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4 Song from Come from Away: ‘Welcome to The ______’
7 Dear Evan Hansen composers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul also won an Oscar for the film _________ (three words)
8 The actress who originated the role of Christine Daaé in Love Never Dies in 2009 is from Denver, and her last name is _______
13 City chosen to premiere the first national touring production of Dear Evan Hansen
14 After the 9/11 attacks, 38 flights bound for the U.S. were forced to land on this island (Come from Away)
18 In Love Never Dies, The Phantom has escaped to a new life on this island
19 Come from Away is set at Canada’s 
______ International Airport

1 Name of Christine’s son with husband Raoul in Love Never Dies
2 ‘When you’re broken on the ground, you will be _____’
3 This member of the deer family is so commonly found wandering the town where Come from Away is set, residents are advised not to drive on the highway at night
5 Love Never Dies was loosely adapted from Frederick Forsyth’s novel The Phantom of ___________
6 If a Come from Away resident invites you to ‘a scoff and a scuff,’ you have 
been asked to dinner and a ______
9 The highest adult female singing voice (Love Never Dies)
10 Volunteer efforts to house, feed and entertain stranded travelers became known as Operation Yellow ______ in Come from Away
12 Meg’s song in Love Never Dies is called ‘Bathing _______’
15 Dear Evan Hansen song ‘Waving Through a _______’
16 Love Never Dies is the sequel to Broadway phenomenon The Phantom of the _____
17 Love Never Dies’ Andrew Lloyd
 Webber also wrote the music for this musical that recently stopped in Denver called School of ____


Meghan Picerno and Bronson Norris Murphy in the Denver-bound ‘Love Never Dies,’ coming October 23-28. Photo: Joan Marcus.

The solution: