Chelsea Johnson

Chelsea Johnson is a Colorado-based expeditionary arts teacher (certified Drama K-12 and Elementary Education) with over 10 years experience in directing youth/teen performing, visual, and creative arts programs.  She is Director of Renaissance Innovation Academy, a statewide authorized and state-funded homeschool visual and performing arts program, as well as the owner of ROAR: Developmental Art and Theatre (a work in progress).  She has a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Northern Colorado.  Her teaching is inspired by hands-on programming; Influenced by Expeditionary Learning (EL), Orff, Music Together, World Music Drumming, Mindful Schools…and Bev Bos (among others;).  Johnson’s expertise is in teaching creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration through inquiry-based learning:  Improv Theatre, Nature Art in the Park, Student-Written and Produced One Acts, Creative Movement and Social Dance, SLAM poetry, Poi-Juggling-Hoop, Glee-style Musical Theatre, and STOMP are just some of the memorable learning expeditions Johnson has shared with students. Finding performing and visual arts programming focused on achieving high quality standards through authentic feedback, listening to student voice effectively, promoting opportunities for a student’s personal artistic reflection, and discovering ways for student work to impact real audiences (with real projects) is the catalyst behind Johnson’s work in developmental art and theatre education. Working with DCPA, fulfills a lifelong desire to work in the community that formed her understanding of high quality performing arts; She is grateful to continue her love of learning and growing with each theatrical/educational experience!