Femme Fatale - Photo by Belinda Lawley

Femme Fatale – Photo by Belinda Lawley

Femme Fatale (USA)

Empowering women through their performance, Femme Fatale showcase the different emotions and aspects of a strong woman’s journey in search for her dream and self-love.

Femme Fatale is a group of three female international dancers: Marie Poppins, Lily Frias and Dassy Lee. They are based in Los Angeles, but are originally from different countries: France, Mexico and Korea. They moved to the USA to pursue their dreams as professional dancers and choreographers, known for their strong abilities in popping, animation, robot and a high level of musicality with a feminine touch. Their mix of cultural background and unique individual styles is what make Femme Fatale an original, powerful female collective. They use their femininity as a strength, their technique as a weapon, and their passion as a power.