Hal Rayle

Emmy Nominated – Hal Rayle has been creating, teaching and developing characters for over 40 years. TV: Voice of Miss Piggy, Gonzo & Animal “Muppet Monsters”, Raphael “TMNT”, “The Transformers”(G-1), “G.I.Joe”(G-1), Einstein the dog & 65 extra’s “Back to the Future”, the Tin Man for “The Wizard of Oz”, Inspecor Clouseau for “The Pink Panther”, the and for “The Ant and the Aardvark” “Superman”, “Batman” and more. FILM: voice of “The Predator2”, voice of Wee-Chee “Ewoks”, voice of Graveyard Ghouls and Creeping Vines in “The Addams Family Movie”, Virgil the Chimpanzee in “Project-X” and more. COMMERCIAL: Marvin the Martian for “Air Jordan”, Tucan Sam for “Kellogg’s Fruit Loops”, Hal-9000 for “Texas Instruments” & “Universal Studios Theme Parks”, Alfred Hitchcock for Universal Studios and Universal Studio’s Theme Parks. GAMING: Narrator: The Simpsons “Escape from Camp Deadly”, “Spawn”, “Bear City”, “Incredible Toons” and more. Studied Under: Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Gordon Hunt, Daws Butler, Lucille Bliss, Howard Morris (My Comedy Godfather), Bert Berdis (Comedy Writing Mentor) & Susan Blu.