Jameka B. Lewis

Jameka is the branch supervisor at the Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library in Denver, Colorado. She holds a master of library science degree, enjoys educating lifelong learners and by night, offers courses and consultations related to equity, diversity and inclusion in libraries and other institutions. Jameka is the founder of Give a Child a Library, an organization that provides free books to children in kindergarten through 12th grade around the country.

Jameka is regularly featured by various media outlets for her work preserving and educating lifelong learners on various topics related to Black History and culture. She has served as a guest speaker and presenter for numerous organizations such as the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, The University of Colorado Boulder, The University of Denver and the Jewish Community Center.

Jameka’s philosophy is that anyone can learn when knowledge is presented in a way that appeals to them, regardless of age or ability.