Madelyn Smith

Madelyn J. Smith is a professional actor, musician, and educator in the Denver-area. As a Lewis-Myers scholar, Madelyn spent many years with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts honing her craft and growing in her artistry. Madelyn has been honored to perform with The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, The Arvada Center, Miners Alley Playhouse, BETC, and numerous other theaters throughout the area. A lover of story-telling in all forms, Madelyn earned a B.A. in music from Gonzaga University, a M.A. in special education from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC), and is a doctoral candidate in special education also with UNC. Madelyn proudly serves as a qualitative researcher with an emphasis in championing the rights and voices of those in the margins of society. Her mission is to bring joy, inclusivity, and thoughtful and meaningful techniques to her work as both an artist and teacher alike.