Michael Catlin

Michael has over 35 years of experience working in front of and behind the camera; in the executive suites of entertainment firms and production companies in Hollywood. Currently, he is preparing an independent film entitled; “I Remember You,” starring Bruce Davison and Virginia Madsen, which he wrote and will direct. Additionally, he’s developing a dark crime series set in Colorado entitled; “Plainview.” Michael was the co-writer on “The Enchantment”, bought by Universal Pictures and The Burnbaum/Winkler Company in 1987; as well as an adaptation of an Isabel Allende’s short story entitled, “Children of the Moon,” in partnership with TVC – Communicazione Telavisia, Italy. Michael has been coaching screenwriters, and consulting directors and producers as a script and story analysis for many years. Since arriving in Denver in 2010 he has been teaching at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop and is very excited to be teaching now at the DCPA.