Reginald Washington

Dr. Reginald Washington was the Chief Medical Officer of Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center and the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver for 15 years until he retired in 2023. He is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. As a doctor, he sees art as a healthy way to relive stress and better our lives. He served two terms on the Board of Directors of the National American Heart Association, was a member of the Expert Committee on Obesity for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Past-Chairman of the Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness of the AAP and was Co-Chairman of the Task Force on Obesity for the Academy. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and a M.D. from the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

“The arts are usually taken for granted and therefore are underfunded. They will always need our support. By giving to the arts, we are setting an example for others to follow.”