Rick Reid

Rick Reid has been involved in electronic media and performing arts for more than three decades. He worked as a creative services writer-producer for the Starz, Encore, and MoviePlex premium TV networks for 18 years, where he co-produced the “Starz Studios” entertainment news series and created hundreds of movie promos, celebrity interviews, and other TV interstitials. Previously, Rick worked as a writer-producer for TNN in Nashville, and for broadcast TV stations in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. He began his media career as a radio personality in southern Utah. Rick’s many voice acting credits include local and national radio and TV commercials, TV promos, corporate training, and more. Rick has also served as sound designer for more than 85 theater productions and has done some occasional stage acting. Currently, he works as the marketing communication manager for Goldberg Brothers, Inc. Rick received a BS in broadcasting from Southern Utah University and an MS in communication management from Colorado State University.