5 Tips to Unleash Your Creativity

5 Tips to Unleash Your Creativity

5 Tips to Unleash Your Creativity

Ignite your creative spirit with these tips to unlock your imagination and inner artist

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The New Year is a wonderful time to embrace the ever-friendly energy and whim of curiosity. Live a bigger, fuller and richer life by igniting your curiosity — be inquisitive, read new authors, devour varied perspectives, try a new recipe, take an acting class. Let your curiosity be your tour guide to spark creativity and creative thinking. Explore life to the edges.


Inspiration and creative spark can come from all directions and sources. Be open to the sights and sounds of the world around you. What gives you energy? What sparks ideas? What elicits your response? So often we encounter countless moments of inspiration but don’t take the time to capture them. Create an inspiration file on your phone or computer to note those images, photographs, articles that peak your interest. Then, return to the file every time you need a dose of inspiration.

3Say Yes . . . TO YOURSELF

YES AND… is the main pillar and principle of improvisation. Every improviser must commit to saying “YES” and fully accepting the ideas their scene partners. Sometimes, we forget to fully say “YES” to ourselves and our own ideas. We judge our creative ideas before they have a chance to breathe and grow. Let your ideas live! Be bold with your impulses and carry the idea to fruition. Be confident that whatever you create will be amazing. Visit our 5 Tips for Improv to learn more.

4Cultivate a Sense of Play

A huge source of creativity is PLAY. Cultivate your sense of play by embracing moments of fun and joy. Surprise yourself and see what ignites your creative thinking. Dance in your kitchen, sing an aria, play catch, start a board game, make bread, color, pet a dog, grow flowers, finger-paint, ice skate, walk in nature, write a poem, play charades, mail a postcard or visit a gallery. Make space for make believe and wonder!

5Start Creative Conversation

Ask great questions and great answers will follow. Gather your friends and family to start creative conversations. Share a meal and talk about what inspires you or moments in your lives that you have felt the most creative. Host the most creative dinner party, even virtually, by activating the creative power of your community. Collaboration, connection and communication are invaluable tools to living a creative and vibrant life. Ignite your creativity by sharing it with your friends and family.

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