A student wearing Renaissance makeup looks off to the side surrounded by people

Students in Renaissance makeup and costumes watch Queen Elizabeth I give her opening speech.

A young actress as Queen Elizabeth I speaks into a microphone

Queen Elizabeth I opening the DPS Shakespeare Festival!

Students cheer in a large crowd

Students cheering. Let the festival COMMENCE!

A group of students march down the street dressed in Renaissance clothing

Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare lead the triumphant parade of students toward the Arts Complex.

An overhead view of the students marching through the Performing Arts Complex
An overhead view of students marching through the Performing Arts Complex

Thousands of students parade through the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

A group of students perform in the Bonfils complex

Elementary students perform excerpts from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Smatterings of people in the park outside the Performing Arts Complex

2022 DPS Shakespeare Festival outside in front of the Denver Performing Arts Complex!