The ghost of Christmas Present raises a glass in A Christmas Carol

Hidden Objects in A Christmas Carol

In 1843, England was in an economic depression and yuletide cheer seemed to belong to a bygone era. Through the publication of A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens intended to call out the social injustice of the period, but his little ghost story did more than that. Eager to recapture the holiday spirit, A Christmas Carol sold 6,000 copies on the first day, reviving the flagging spirits of Victorian society.

He reconstructed a model for the season that embraced sparkling merriment, warm open-heartedness, hospitality, bright fires, glowing faces, radiant spirits, flickering laughter and dazzling generosity. Audiences will see that same exuberance on stage in the DCPA Theatre Company’s annual production, running in the Wolf Theatre November 18-December 24.

Rekindle the child in you with this “Hidden Objects” activity. See if you can spot these eight items in a festive photo from our 2021 engagement.

The ghost of Christmas Present raises a glass in A Christmas Carol

Erick Pinnick and the 2021 Cast of A Christmas Carol. Photo by Adams VisCom

  1. Horn
  2. Pear
  3. Toy train
  4. Nutcracker
  5. Muttonchops
  6. Rocking horse
  7. Nightcap tassel
  8. Gingerbread boy

A Christmas Carol
Nov 18 – Dec 22, 2022 • Wolf Theatre