Japantastick No. 2: It's raining yen

Note: This is Day 2 of our daily report from Japan, where members of Denver’s handicapped Phamaly Theatre Company are participating in a 10-day goodwill trip culminating with a performance of “The Fantasticks”:

The contingent from Denver’s Phamaly Theatre Company has arrived in Japan after nearly 24 hours of traveling. Upon arrival in Osaka, the only goals were food and sleep. And the food adventures began almost immediately. In the company’s words:

Phamaly chopsticks photo Barb Lepke-Sims, harpist: “We are on major jet lag. We ate dinner last night at 8 p.m. Japan time, which is around 4 a.m.  Denver time. This nice gentlemen (pictured right), who speaks no English, took it upon himself to teach us how to use chopsticks. We are already meeting wonderful and friendly Japanese people.”

Mark Dissette, Hucklebee: “We have arrived. We are tired, sore and excited, but we aren’t complaining. It’s wonderful. We had a late dinner where a wonderful Japanese gentleman took the time to show us how to use chopsticks.”

Lyndsay Palmer (Mute):
“We made it! That was first time I have ever been up for more than 24 hours. We are so hungry, tired and delirious, but at the same time so excited and honored to finally be here. We decided to go eat at the mall that is right across the street from us … and we got lost within a matter of seconds. However, we did find a place to eat, and how we ordered was from a window filled with wax food.” (Pictured below.)

Phamaly 'pick your food' photo

Robert Michael Sanders, Bellomy: “Things we’ve learned on our journey to Japan: 1. Jenna Bainbridge gets nauseous during takeoff and landing. 2. Stewart Caswell never did have to urinate on the plane. 3. I started getting a little stabby. Our late-night dinner felt like a 3 a.m. Denny’s: We pointed to pictures on the menu and hoped for the best.”

​Stewart Caswell, Mortimer: “The Big I (a.k.a. The Communication Center for Persons with Disabilities) has welcomed us with open arms. They are so hospitable that I’m working on getting my Japanese citizenship, and I’m moving here permanently.

 Japantastick No. 1: Phamaly’s ‘massive moment’ in Osaka begins


Phamaly company meeting in Japan.

First Phamaly company meeting in Japan.

Sister City San Francisco.

Traveling through San Francisco, the cast discovered the “City by the Bay” is also the sister city of Phamaly’s destination: Osaka, Japan.