Destination-Freedom 800

donnie l. betts’ mission is to tell untold stories of people seeking freedom

Original DCPA Theatre Company actor’s award-winning ‘Destination Freedom’ radio series comes to University of Denver on Friday

Robert Michael Sanders Quote

For Robert Michael Sanders, time has stood still long enough

The actor and singer will perform his music publicly for the first time since botched shoulder surgery left his fingers partially paralyzed

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As the fall theatre season begins in earnest, here are 10 intriguing titles to watch, and every Colorado company’s upcoming schedule

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Difficult transition year in Summit County culminates with artistic director’s resignation after 13 years

‘The Cake’ at a time when they just won’t let them eat cake

For playwright Bekah Brunstetter, the real-life Colorado bakery case makes for a personal, not political play

Wonderbound moving to larger home in northeast Denver

The acclaimed collaborative dance company says the new space offers the potential of its first permanent home.

The death of Deb Note-Farwell: A drop rejoins the ocean

‘A real and permanent love’ helped transform a beloved musical-comedy queen into a bona fide dramatic actor