Meet Geoffrey Kent of 'As You Like It'

Geoffrey KentAt the Theatre Company: Hamlet, Othello, Richard III, Romeo & Juliet, Eventide, Superior Donuts, Lord of the Flies. Other Theaters: Iago, Benedict, Hotspur, Aramis (Colorado Shakespeare Festival); Iachimo, Petruchio, Mercutio (Orlando Shakespeare Theater); Orsino (Arvada Center); Complete Works  of William Shakespeare (Utah Shakespeare Festival).

Geoffrey Kent Quote

Lord to Duke Senior, Assistant Director, Fight Director, As You Like It

  • What was the role that changed your life? Prince Hal in Henry IV, Part I in 1993. I was 20 years old, it was my first Shakespeare play and my first stage sword fight. I Geoffrey Kentwouldn’t have willed anyone (other than my mother) to see it, but it unknowingly set the hook for me in my two favorite types of theatre: Classical and Action.
  • Why are you an actor? I’m a huge fan of collaborative art. The idea that a roomful of designers and artists collaborate together to create any given play, and that it is ephemeral, and then is gone and you move on to another collaboration.
  • What would you be doing for a career if you weren’t an actor? I’d likely either teach … anything … or have found my way to work for the National Parks with trails underfoot. (Photo above by Zachary Andrews.)
  • Peter OTooleIdeal scene partner: Peter O’Toole. He is my favorite blend of epic comic timing and bottomless pathos when needed. I’m not sure there is anything he could not do, and do well.
  • Why does this play matter?: As You Like It manages to give you four very different views of love, which shows how dynamic it can be – and rocky. Any opportunity to watch characters and people have a second chance to pursue a passion is infectious and worth watching.
  • What do you hope the audience gets out of experiencing As You Like It? As always with Shakespeare, I hope it provokes them to see more. It is more accessible than people think, and this show should be very inviting. But even if they leave holding a loved one closer, it is a win.
  • Complete this sentence: “All I want is …” security, laughter and a great Chihuahua.

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As You Like It: Ticket information
By William Shakespeare
Sept. 25-Nov. 1
DCPA Theatre Company
Space Theatre

303-893-4100 or BUY ONLINE

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